Over 30 years ago, San Luis Obispo native Mark Woolpert, wanted simply to make a difference in the community he loved. Inspired by that vision, Compass Health, Inc. was born from the resonation of his simple but steadfast conviction of people, caring for people. What better mentality to bring to something as important as healthcare than the principles that Mark was raised on: family, dedication, service, excellence, and most importantly: community.

People, Caring for People, Caring for People… our motto, refers to the never-ending circle of care that Mark envisioned when he started Compass Health, Inc. A circle that included even his own beloved parents when they needed care, and continues with prominent members of the community who have chosen Compass Health for their loved ones- and endures with people just like you around the Central Coast who have trusted one of our locations with one of the most important decisions a person can make. And nothing says satisfaction like someone returning when they need the same services, which so many people within our community do.

Today, as one of the most respected and proven healthcare providers in the state, Compass Health Inc., year after year, supports Mark’s steadfast belief that community and compassion are synonymous with excellence in clinical care. Not only has Compass Health lead the way as the Central Coast’s leading provider of skilled nursing, they are proud sponsors of the Cuesta College LVN Class, helping our community find and educate the best and brightest to care for our seniors. It is relationships such as these that help Compass Health, Inc. to not only remain an important part of our close-knit community but a vital component responsible for promoting and sustaining the Central Coast tradition of people, caring for people, caring for people.

…people, caring for people, caring for people…