Effective 03/11/2020

Compass Health, Inc. is limiting visitation to all facilities. This means that we will not allow visitation except in certain situations, such as end of life care or when it is essential for the resident’s emotional well-being and care. Click Here to view our modified visitation policy due to Covid-19.


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Your Community’s Leader in Skilled Nursing and Care…

Our Compass Health commitment is to improve the quality of life and the quality of care for our community – something we strive to promote through the spectrum of services we offer. Caring for our neighbors is not only our business; it’s our passion. From assisted living to skilled nursing and rehabilitation to home-based healthcare, we take enormous pride in providing a selection of care resources that help our Central Coast clients live the highest quality of life possible.

Over 25 Years of Hospitality

When we look at the word “hospitality”, it is no coincidence that “hospital” encompasses most of the word itself.

At Compass Health, we believe that healthcare is the highest form of hospitality. Having the honor to impact a person and their family’s life when they need help the most is something we take personally because we understand there is no bigger trust you can place in us-and what could be more personal than that?

From our inception, Compass Health has been defined by its motto of People Caring for People. Over the years, we have taken our solidarity with our community to other areas of the hospitality industry. Above all else, in each manner that we serve our amazing community; it’s about offering personalized experiences and creating a truly memorable outcome for each one of our clients, our guests, and more importantly, our neighbors.