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Change your life for the better…Help others while finding purpose for yourself…
Get paid as you learn to be a C.N.A.!

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What is a C.N.A.?

A C.N.A. is a Certified Nursing Assistant who assists with providing care to patients in environments such as skilled nursing facilities, acute care hospitals and home health agencies.

What does a C.N.A. do?

A C.N.A.’s duties can be summed up in four words: Certified Nursing Assistants CARE. While caring for patients, C.N.A.s assist patients with “Activities of Daily Living”, monitoring vital signs, dietary concerns, and in general, assisting licensed medical professionals with important health procedures.

Does training to be a C.N.A. cost anything?

On the contrary, you receive a paycheck as you learn your new skill! Also, receiving your certificate as a Certified Nursing Assistant is just the beginning for a lot of our recruits. There are endless opportunities for advancement after becoming a C.N.A.

How long does training take?

In just eight to twelve weeks, you will complete the training required to obtain a State Certificate in this important and in-demand medical field. Training is broken into contact hours and clinic practice.